A new service in the Uni-Lex Group’s offer, which is our response to the need for tax security of our clients.

The only thing certain in life is change and this principle is certainly followed by tax regulations and legal regulations which you constantly must be up to date with. In order to relieve our clients in this area, we introduced professional tax consultancy to our offer.

Entities which decide to take advantage of that expect maximization of the company’s tax security and optimization of the paid taxes paid, in accordance with the applicable law. Comprehensive customer care is crucial for us, which is why we offer you the services of specialists whose goal is to protect the interests of your company in the best possible way.

We will advise you on the choice of a tax strategy and minimize the unpleasant consequences resulting from ignorance of the law or as a result of excessive and unnecessary tax burdens. Together, we will make sure that unclear regulations are not a barrier to development, we will adjust the form of taxation to the current condition of the company, we will help you generate tax savings without breaking the law.

We provide assistance whenever the development of your company raises doubts as to the tax consequences of your business decisions.

As part of our tax consultancy:

  • we provide opinions and explanations as to the tax and customs obligations, including administrative enforcement,
  • we assess tax risks, including risks involved by transactions between affiliated entities,
  • we offer the preparation of transfer pricing documentation,
  • we perform tax analyses,
  • we represent clients in proceedings pending before competent authorities in matters related to the fulfilment of tax obligations,
  • we train the management staff and employees of the company,
  • we offer support in the preparation of explanations for the inspection report, if its result is negative for the company.


Maximum support in running your own business

As part of the Uni-Lex Group, we operate together with the Law Firm of the Statutory Auditor Agnieszka Piotrowska - an expert with comprehensive knowledge of bookkeeping, accounting and taxes.

Thanks to many years of professional experience, she is a professional, well-versed in the legal regulations binding enterprises.

It is worth noting that the statutory auditor, being a profession of public trust, is guided in his work by objectivity, honesty and compliance with the rules of ethics. He is not only an accountant or auditor, but also an adviser who offers support in access to capital, preparation of a report or accounting review.

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