We have been taking care of our clients for over 25 years.

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Our work is our passion and a reason to be proud. We make a good, energetic and committed team which professionally and meticulously takes care of the interests of our clients. We do not make empty promises - we have the back-up of extensive experience in the market, versatility, professionalism, as well as the trust and satisfaction of clients who develop their companies with us. You can be sure that you are putting your affairs in very good hands. Our qualified and experienced specialists of the Uni-Lex Group will take care of them - people who derive satisfaction from their work and who like professional challenges. In our opinion, this is our great asset.

In the ocean of tax and accounting regulations, numbers and paragraphs, we feel like a fish in the water. We are vigilant and we closely follow any changes in the legislation. We accept challenges and difficulties with a smile on our face. Then we act with even greater enthusiasm. We are looking for solutions. We analyse. We write down possible scenarios for getting out of a crisis situation. We do not give up.

By establishing cooperation with us, you invest in the dynamic development of your own company. While our clients make strategic decisions, develop the company and achieve their goals, we care about their legal and accounting security. Long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign entities has resulted in gaining experience, thanks to which we respond to the needs of the most demanding clients.

We are prepared for various circumstances. We use new technologies to conduct encrypted videoconferences used by the banking sector. We provide remote service to our clients from all over Poland, as well as from other European countries. Moreover, as one of the few, if not the only ones in Poland, we have professional service for enterprising people with hearing impairments. We specialize in servicing both large and medium-sized manufacturing companies, family businesses and small local enterprises.

Over 100 domestic and foreign companies have put their trust in us. The numbers speak for themselves.

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