Law Firm of Elżbieta Pietrzak-Zacharjasz, Legal Counsel

The Law Firm of the Legal Counsel forming a part of the Uni-Lex Group offers professional legal services within the scope of conducting your affairs in the field of broadly-understood civil, commercial, economic and labour law transactions. The area of our activity also includes tax and foreign exchange law, as well as legal services for real estate. A team of experienced and highly-qualified lawyers takes care of our clients’ legal security. In cooperation with specialists in the field of accounting and financial consulting, statutory auditors and foreign language translators, they guarantee complexity and the highest level of services provided by the Law Firm.

The team of specialists of the Law Firm of the Legal Counsel comprises legal counsels with many years of experience in the legal services market, foreign lawyers, as well as legal trainees and legal officers. We provide legal services in Polish, Spanish and English.

Legal counselling offered by the Law Firm includes, among others:

  • comprehensive legal services for business entities,
  • establishment and transformation of commercial companies,
  • legal representation in court and in administrative proceedings,
  • legal services for investment processes,
  • counselling regarding activities in the real estate market,
  • audit and legal opinions,
  • debt collection,
  • legal counselling and participation in negotiations and mediations,
  • cross-border proceedings before administrative authorities in Poland and Spain,
  • representation and regular service of Spanish clients in Poland.

Civil law
  • The Law Firm of the Legal Counsel provides assistance in the field of broadly-understood civil law. We provide our clients with counselling regarding all civil law matters, serving both entrepreneurs and individual clients
  • our assistance extends to the provision of legal consultations, drawing-up legal opinions and procedural pleadings,
  • we prepare, negotiate and provide opinions regarding contracts, agreements, settlements and other documents in civil proceedings in domestic and foreign relations,
  • we conduct negotiations in disputes, we deal with inheritance, family and marital matters.
Bankruptcy and reorganization law
  • The Law Firm provides legal assistance in the field of consultancy and representation at all stages of bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings
  • we perform legal analyses of the standing of companies and the obligations of the management board resulting from the provisions of the bankruptcy and reorganization law,
  • we prepare petitions for bankruptcy, claims regarding debts and other letters and documents in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • we select effective legal safeguards to protect clients against the consequences of contractors’ bankruptcy,
  • we represent entrepreneurs in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings.
Commercial and economic law
  • The Law Firm provides comprehensive services to commercial law companies. We provide legal assistance to Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, enabling our clients to efficiently undertake and conduct business ventures
  • we provide comprehensive legal services for small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations. We specialize in providing services to entities with foreign capital, primarily Spanish companies,
  • we provide consultation to entrepreneurs regarding the establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies, taking into account the nature of the planned activity, accumulated capital and legal conditions,
  • we help in running day-to-day business,
  • we prepare draft agreements, resolutions, statutes and other internal acts regulating the functioning of the bodies of companies,
  • we represent companies before the National Court Register,
  • we prepare legal opinions regarding the most complex issues related to the company law,
  • the Law Firm’s offer also extends to services provided to other entities which are subject to an entry in the National Court Register, in particular foundations and associations.
Real estate law
  • The Law Firm provides its clients with comprehensive assistance in the real estate market transactions. We provide legal services in the process of purchasing and selling real estate, as well as legal assistance in the day-to-day management of real estate
  • In the field of construction law, we offer full support of investment and construction processes. Our legal assistance is used by property owners and managers, investors, contractors and subcontractors
  • we perform the analysis of the legal status of real estate for the purposes of ownership transformations,
  • we provide legal services in the field of real estate acquisition, also by foreigners,
  • we negotiate and prepare purchase-sale, lease, perpetual usufruct and other agreements in the field of real estate law,
  • we provide legal services within the scope of day-to-day management of real estate, in particular in the owner-tenant relations,
  • we provide advice regarding the division and dissolution of joint ownership of real estate, including in inheritance matters,
  • we support investment and construction processes,
  • we represent clients in all matters related to real estate management before public administration bodies, as well as administrative and common courts, including - in land and mortgage register proceedings,
  • we provide full legal services for real estate purchase transactions in Spain, including our intermediation in the process of search for sales offers, representing clients before the relevant bodies of the Spanish public administration and fulfilment of all formalities in accordance with the local and Polish procedures.
Tax law
  • As part of its tax consultancy, the Law Firm offers the preparation of tax returns and reports, provision of substantive advice in the field of tax law and assistance in proceedings before tax authorities. As far as taxes are concerned, we work closely with our Accounting Department
  • the offer of the Law Firm includes preparation of legal opinions, complaints and appeals, as well as provision of legal advice regarding the tax law, in close cooperation with tax advisers and experienced accountants,
  • we audit accounting documents in terms of their compliance with the applicable tax law,
  • we represent taxpayers in proceedings before tax authorities, as well as in tax proceedings before provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
Labour law
  • The Law Firm selects the best solutions to ensure harmonious relations between the employer and its employees. Our lawyers provide legal assistance in the preparation of internal documents by employers, in accordance with the obligations arising from the Labour Code. The offer of the Law Firm includes representation of both employees and employers in court disputes concerning the issues of the labour law
  • we draw up contracts of employment, managerial contracts with members of corporate bodies and other contracts related to the employment relationship,
  • we develop draft regulations of work, remuneration, bonuses, health and safety and other internal regulations falling within the scope of the labour law,
  • we provide legal services for employee restructuring, including collective redundancies,
Foreign exchange and banking law
  • The Law Firm offers the necessary legal assistance in the implementation of banking activities and financial transactions in the Polish and European (mainly Spanish) financial market.
  • We help in assessing the fulfilment of legal obligations incumbent on our clients, resulting from the banking law and the foreign exchange law. In terms of financial and accounting obligations, we cooperate with our Accounting Department.
Court proceedings
  • The legal counsels who form a part of the Law Firm ensure high quality of legal assistance and efficiency in representing our clients before common and administrative courts. As part of legal representation, we offer representation in:
  • court proceedings, in particular in commercial matters,
  • administrative and court-administrative proceedings, in particular in tax and real estate matters,
  • enforcement, security and bankruptcy proceedings.

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